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Questions, requently asked

  1. How can Patty & Jim possibly sell any home for 3% Total Commissions?

ANSWER:    Patty and Jim have a unique marketing system which allows them to sell more homes than other Realtors & Brokers and as such they sell MORE homes and simply charge their sellers less money.

  1. How long have Patty & Jim been selling Real Estate?

ANSWER:     Jim has been selling Residential Real Estate since February 1985 (over 30 years) and Patty since June 0f 2001 (over 15 years).

  1. How can we verify the work ethics of the Patty & Jim Team?

ANSWER:     Log onto Bureau of Real Estate California, click on verify license, plug in their name like Sikes, Patty.  You can then click on their names and look under comments and you will see NO disciplinary actions ever for either one of them.  This will also show how long they have been licensed.

  1. Why won’t other Realtors only charge 3%?

ANSWER:      Most other do not sell many homes each year and as such they have to charge more so they can make more money.  Also, many agents have to pay for the expensive cars they drive to look important and hedge that ego.   YOUR equity is paying for it all!

  1. Why do some agents say they are listing agents yet Patty & Jim say they List and Sell homes?

ANSWER:      Many agents just LIST homes, charge 6% and hope somebody brings a buyer, they know they will get paid with very little effort expended.   Patty & Jim have their proven marketing strategy that works and they actually obtain more qualified buyers and then sell more homes.  The results are, your home sells faster and you pay less!

  1. Do open houses really help sell homes?

ANSWER:     NO!   Most agents like to do open houses at YOUR expense of time and energy so they can hopefully find other to list their homes for sale or to find buyers for other homes.   Very rare does a home sell due to an open house.

  1. Is the Patty & Jim Team full time?

ANSWER:     YES!   The Patty & Jim Team actually work 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Phones are answered from 7am—7pm everyday personally by them.

  1. Why are so many agents hard to reach?

ANSWER:     Most agents have their calls go to an office, an answering service or a machine, rare do they ever answer immediately.   IF after hours you may have to wait days for a return call so if that’s a buyer for YOUR home they cannot get their info. Immediately as they wanted.    The phones for Patty & Jim are on them, at all times.

  1. Agents have told us they do more for their clients so they have to charge us at least 5 or 6%, is that true?

ANSWER:     NO!   That is a lie!    Patty and Jim use to be like every other agent and charge 6% commissions.    In 2002 their sales were through the roof and they decided to work a system for home sellers to pay less and that system worked!    They use the same system to this day and since they sell more homes they can still charge less and they do.   Anything and everything any agents can or will do for you, is also being done for you by Patty & Jim.   FULL-SERVICE, FULL-TIME!

  1. We have seen so many agents in a fancy BMW, Acura or Jaguar and wearing expensive suits and clothes, is that really a sign they are better to use to sell our home?

ANSWER:     NO, not at all!    Somebody has to pay for all that, so YOU the home seller are paying higher commissions to them.   No reason to do that any longer.    For instance, the Patty & Jim Team you see is what you get.   No “fancy” cars, no designer suits, just a dedicated honest Married couple working with both buyers and sellers.

  1. Is the Patty & Jim Team local in Bakersfield?

ANSWER:      YES!     The company is in numerous states, corporate offices in Beverly Hills, Texas and elsewhere.    Patty & Jim are homeowners who live locally here in Bakersfield and ONLY do Real Estate in Bakersfield.     Most agents will list homes anyplace they can make money, but Patty & Jim do specialize right here where they live!

  1. Why do people still list their homes and pay 5 or 6% if Patty & Jim can list and sell any home for 3% total?

ANSWER:     Many people are still stuck in the old days of 6% commissions when homes were cheap and you did have to charge more.    Also, many people have a friend, neighbor, acquaintance, relative or referral they feel they have to use and if they do they usually pay more.    The Patty & Jim Team only market for sellers via flyers placed on doors, ads with their listings and local Radio on 107.1 Bakersfield.  Many people may still NOT know about the 3% availability but those that do will benefit and save THOUSANDS.

  1. Does the Patty & Jim Team sell homes in all price ranges?

ANSWER:      YES!   The precision and targeted marketing system the Patty & Jim Team use benefits all homes both inexpensive to Estate homes.      EVERY client is treated the same weather the home is $125,000 or 3 Million Dollars.    From first time buyers to celebrities and CEO’s, the Patty & Jim Team have the experience.   The Patty and Jim Team motto is “Why pay more”?

  1. We don’t have much equity in our home how can we keep the most possible?

ANSWER:   From the bad mid 1980’s Real Estate market, the recession of 2008 and the unstable and unsure Bakersfield marketplace the Patty & Jim Team has seen it all.    The Patty & Jim Team wants EACH seller to retain as much of their own equity as possible that’s why their 3% system has worked now for over 15 years.    Very little equity to a ton of equity, why not keep more in YOUR pocket.   Patty & Jim  do that every time on every sale!